5 Best Parkour shoes to buy in 2018 (Updated December)

Parkour Shoes has just been evolved quite nicely in the aerobic training and has also started the competition in the market. The Best Parkour shoes is the new workout trend, exercise includes fast movements, jumping over objects and running over uneven surfaces. Best Parkour Shoes highly improves your strength, safety and performance. The sportsmen not only see up to it for games, but also due to the great shape.

No doubt, Parkours are the combination of the speed and style. 


While selecting the best shoes, there are some things which should be considered into account, certain things to look for, and other things to avoid.


Buying Advices:

  • The Parkour Shoes must give good sensitivity with the ground.
  • Shoe must be light weight so that you can walk freely and easily.
  • Always look for the shoe with the soft low cushion layer.
  • Grip strengthens the ability to jump and maintains the balance so the Shoe should be with a good grip.
  • Getting expensive one doesn’t mean that it will comfort your feet, even cheap Parkour Shoe can perform better than the expensive. Shoes with the thinner sole provides good landing impacts.
  • Parkour Shoes with the thinner sole provides good landing impacts. 


What to look in Best Parkour shoe:


Sole ThicknessGrip Design and styleFlexibilityPrice
First and the most important thing is the thickness of the sole, Thick bottoms can sometimes resist in running so it is recommended to Use the thin soul instead of fatty and the thick one. Having thinner Parkour Shoe Soles allows you to go through the impact of landings and which improve the safety and will prevent you from falling and injuries.
After the sole thickness, here comes the grip. Grip can make our Parkour Shoe good as well as bad, a good grip shoe increases the ability to jump and gives the support to maintain balance.
Single piece shoe soles will be the most reliable as they do not rip and split away in chunks as many soles are joined together in portions.
This factor counts if to go for buying or not, the ideal pair will be the one with more versatility if it boosts performance (speed and flexibility) and body strength.
Yes the price also matters, if you are good enough that you can afford a whole lot of money on the shoes, so you will get one quickly. Otherwise you can also get the cheaper shoes having good footwear that can last marginally longer, we will share some of the best shoes with you.


Top 5 best parkour shoes in 2017:

Before you go and buy the shoes with your own choice, We have picked 5 best parkour shoes to buy in 2017 by checking all the buying factors, you can check the list of top 5 shoes.


1. DOUBLESTAR MR Rubber Sole

(Lightweight Sneaker) (Cheap Parkour Shoes)

(Best Parkour Shoes)


Product Description: 

DOUBLESTAR MR Classical is the best choice for those who are daily runners and athletes.

Antiskid-ding: They are oil resistant and have the top grade rubber soles which ensure your safety when training. Very good for feet safety and muscles.

Weight: Less than 300g per shoe, the shoes could help feel every step when practicing.

Pros and Cons


2. Take Flight Ultra Parkour

Freerunning Shoe: (Best Parkour Shoes)


Product Description:

The world’s newest Parkour & Free running shoe is here. It is especially designed for Traceurs by Traceurs.
Rubber Sole: This parkour shoe is really the one you want, it gives amazing feel while wearing.

It has great attraction, flexibility and durability.

Weight: Light weight and thus comfortable you definitely would not want to take them off any time.

Pros and Cons


3. Take Flight 1.0 Parkour

Training Shoe: (Comfortable Shoes)



Product Description:

Take flight 1 is the best choice for all the athletes. On 2012, they set the design of the greatest Parkour shoe we could imagine. We recommend it for all athletes and free runners. After the release they worked another 2 years and made more than 70 renditions and then came out with the Take Flight 1.0. Since it was launch in summer 2014, the Take Flight 1.0 has been worn and loved by Traceurs and athletes around the world.

Made for Performance: Its guaranteed to have the best grip shoes on rails of any Parkour shoe one have ever worn.

This comes in especially for precision jumps.

One thing about the 1.0s that separates them from other shoes is how they combine feel and cushioning. When wearing the shoes, you will be able to feel the ground relatively well while you will have the support you need to take big drops.

Pros and Cons


4. PUMA Men’s Faas 500 V4

(Parkour shoes PUMA)


Product Description:

The new PUMA Men’s have improved upper fit with the brand new tooling which is built for every day runner who is looking for minimal and light weight cushioning shoe for training.

Puma is the name of comfort and style, it is best known for making comfortable stylish sports shoes.

PUMA is the global brand for athletes that successfully influences one in the sports, life style and fashion. PUMA’s unique industry perspective provides you the unexpected in sport-lifestyle footwear accessories, through their technical innovation and revolutionary design. So this can be a good choice for shoes to buy.

Pros and Cons


5. Tiger Claw Martial Arts Shoes


Product Description:

Enjoy all the benefits of a minimalist this parkour and free running shoe with a little extra padding and a retro and progressive look. These are just foot shaped too with a lot of room for the toes, this is best minimalist shoe with good design and wide size.

This comes in especially for precision jumps in best parkour shoes.

One thing about the 1.0s that separates them from other shoes is how they combine feel and cushioning. When wearing the shoes, you will be able to feel the ground relatively well while you will have the support you need to take big drops.

Pros and Cons



This is the updated list of best parkour shoes that we have selected for you to buy, we have given our reviews by checking their strength, grip, sole quality, cushioning, price and style. After that we gave the list of top 5 shoes which are recommended for you to buy. Mention your favourite in comments so that we can check your favourite product and can update our list. You may also want to check best Youtube Vlogging microphones for you.



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